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Unforgettable flavors and aromas

The Amalfi Coast is a land full of treasures. Its naturalistic beauties have made it famous all over the world, as have the monuments and its history. But we must not forget that one of its most important treasures is the wealth of products and the quality of its culinary tradition. A land to discover and, above all, to taste.

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Paccheri con Gallinella di mare

Tradition and quality

in the Abside kitchen

We invite you to take an exciting journey with us to discover the gastronomic traditions of the Amalfi Coast, an experience that will allow you to explore local flavors in a unique and unforgettable way.

Our ambitious goal is to introduce you to the many facets of taste of local gastronomy through the recovery of traditional recipes and the use of the best local products. Each dish is a sensorial journey that will not only satisfy your palate, but will transport you to a world of unique flavours, aromas and traditions.

Prepare to be won over by the beauty and flavor of our land, as you travel through the culinary delights of the Amalfi Coast.

Excellent products

the magic of Mediterranean cuisine on a sensorial journey on the Amalfi Coast

Our menu is painted with the bright colors and enveloping aromas of local cuisine, where every precious ingredient is an opportunity to create unique and surprising taste harmonies. Here, the contamination between Mediterranean flavors gives life to bold and exciting combinations, transporting you on an unprecedented sensorial journey.

Each dish is an extraordinary culinary experience, where the freshness of the products combines with the elegance of the preparations, giving you intense and memorable emotions.

Immerse yourself in the enchanted atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast through our gnocchi filled with fiordilatte, seasoned with a creamy pistachio sauce, confit cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. An explosion of flavors that will capture you from the first taste, giving you indelible memories of a timeless culinary journey.

Gnocchi ripieni di fiordilatte
Tartelletta di pastafrolla alla frutta fresca

The perfect ending

But the surprises don’t end there: at the Abside you can conclude your meal with the unique experience of our desserts, expertly prepared by our chef. Delighted with the creamy 75% chocolate mousse or the freshness of the fresh fruit tartlet, every bite is an explosion of taste and pleasure.

Alternatively, you can opt for a chocolate and praline tasting, combined with the best spirits and desserts in the region. Dessert wines, local liqueurs and bitters, together with the most interesting national grappas, will accompany you in a memorable finale, conquering even the most refined palates.