A great family

The pleasure of making you feel welcome

L’Abside is a family-run restaurant located in a characteristic square in the heart of Amalfi. Our main goal is to create a unique experience for our guests through a warm welcome and an always professional and friendly service because we want every visit with us to be unforgettable.

One of our strengths is the spirit of collaboration and integration that has been created between all staff members, who work together as a team to ensure the best possible experience for our guests. We are proud to be a young restaurant run by women who guarantee a touch of freshness and originality to our cuisine and our service.

Our joy is to be able to share our passion for food and hospitality with you, waiting for you at the L’Abside Restaurant for an unforgettable evening!

Giovanna and Marianna


Marianna Scala and Giovanna Celia have been the souls of the L’Abside restaurant since the opening.

They have been working together for more than 20 years and share the tasks of management and service.

Professionalism and empathy in welcoming are their hallmarks which they know how to combine with perfect knowledge of the dishes on the menu to offer you targeted advice and suggestions in choosing.

Marianna and Giovanna constitute that female soul which is perhaps the most evident and recognizable distinctive character of the Abside.

Carmine Fusco

Head Chef

Equipped with great experience and preparation gained in the best restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, our chef Carmine is the soul of the Abside cuisine.

Always friendly and smiling, he finds his world in the kitchen, managing to coordinate the work of his excellent team and checking that all the dishes are always perfect and delicious.

Carmine was born in Agerola, a few kilometers from Amalfi, he loves using the ingredients of our land to create unusual combinations but always solidly linked to tradition.

Two other very good chefs accompany him and assist him in his work: Gennaro Buonocore and Casimiro Naclerio, also originally from Agerola and who help us to provide you with a service that is always top notch.

Andrea e Veronica

Your guardian angels

The management of the room and the service are in the skilful and tireless hands of our collaborators Andrea Lucibello and Veronica Esposito. They will be the ones who will welcome you and assist you during your visit to the Abside.

Andrea can boast a long and solid professional experience acquired in the most important structures of the Amalfi Coast. His invaluable ability to accompany guests in choosing the dishes offered on the menu and by the chef is certainly the result of a rare availability and empathy with the customer. His English is excellent and fluent, Andrea is also a fine connoisseur of accents and languages, managing to extricate himself from the most difficult situations.

Di Veronica you will immediately notice the availability and the inevitable smile that makes everyone feel immediately at ease. She too will be able to guide you through the options on the menu, giving you the best advice and will accompany you throughout the meal, assisting you in all your choices.

Trust them completely and you will not regret your choice.