The “sfusato”, the lemon of Amalfi

The gold of Amalfi

In addition to its natural beauty, the Amalfi Coast is also famous throughout the world for its prized lemon, which is given the name “sfusato” due to its characteristic tapered shape. It is also one of the most important ingredients of local cuisine.

What makes Amalfi lemons so special is the unique environment in which they are grown. The region enjoys an ideal Mediterranean climate for growing lemons, with mild winters and hot summers, while the proximity of the sea and the presence of the surrounding mountains create a perfect combination of fertile soil and good ventilation.
Amalfi lemons are known for their juicy pulp and intense aroma. Their skin is thick, bright yellow and sometimes has a green tinge. Another distinctive feature is the size of the lemons, which can reach considerable dimensions compared to other common lemons.
These lemons are very versatile in the kitchen and are used to prepare a wide range of dishes and drinks. Their juice is often used to prepare refreshing lemonades, sorbets, desserts, jams and sauces. Furthermore, the peel of Amalfi lemons is rich in essential oils which give a unique aroma and flavor to dishes.

The chef’s proposals

In our cuisine, Amalfi lemons play a leading role. The chef uses both the juice and the aromatic peel to offer you always original and delicious tasting experiences.

His “tagliolini with Amalfi lemon and raw red prawns” is one of the dishes most loved by our guests, just as the Amalfi lobster linguine are enthusiastically welcomed.

Lemon is obviously also used in pastry making for the preparation of the irresistible cake or in the creams that fill desserts.

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